If our aim as photographers is to clearly articulate ourselves through our images, one of the many ways we can achieve that is through the use of repetition in colour.

Repetition has always been one of the most powerful techniques in emphasizing an artist’s message.

In songs, a chorus repeats.
In photography, as with painting, one can use shapes and colours.

In street photography,  even though we may not have control over when repetition occurs, I think it’s our job to notice it where it does. Photography starts with being able to notice light, notice interactions, notice unique moments. Most of this takes place before lifting the camera to our eye.

But in the same way that repetition of colour can draw our eye, so too can breaking that repetition, or contrasting colours, work to achieve the same effect.

I’m of the belief that colours in a photo should serve a purpose. If we’re lucky, repetition in colour might help turn an ordinary image into an extraordinary one.