Want A Picture?

Want A Picture?

It’s amazing how many doors can open for you when you just ask people, “Do you want a picture?”

I was on a road trip in the South Island of New Zealand near the end of 2015. I’m not the ultimate landscape photographer, but NZ’s geography helps make up for that.

Fast forward to Dec. 31st, New Years Eve.

I found myself in the small town of Kaikoura on what was an insanely clear night’s sky.

A couple, drinking champagne, sat next to me on the lookout.

”Do you want a picture together?”

They nodded, although I don’t think they realised quite what that would entail. I asked them to stand still for 30 seconds while holding a kiss, as I walked around pointing a flashlight at them. 🙂

Romantic stuff, but they were great about it.

It wasn’t until after I started photographing them that the man told me he had just proposed! They weren’t there just to celebrate the new year. I had, by chance, shot their engagement photo.

We exchanged contact details, and I sent them photos from that night and a link to some of my other work. One month later, I received an email with an offer to shoot their wedding in Mumbai, where the groom was born.

Well, one year and one flight to India later:

Virginie & Abhijay


Of course, it was only fitting that the last photo we took that night was of the happy couple, embracing under the stars.

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